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Please click on the lesson number to start the lesson. Rocket Arabic’s course covers all language skills very well, and their inbuilt voice recognition is extremely accurate (it uses Google’s Web Speech technology). Book FREE Trial. PDF material is still just a photocopy of the original, typewritten paper so it’s dreadful to read. Start as a beginner with Pimsleur and surprise yourself with how much you manage to learn. One of the few online Arabic courses that appears to be accurately levelled, Dialogue section looks and works great (unfortunately the dialogues are terrible otherwise this would be a hit), Pronunciation is incredibly slow and unnaturally awkward, Quite thorough in its Arabic grammar explanations, Incorrect levelling – especially for higher levels, Trashing of competitors in its marketing is extremely off-putting. The audio was uncomfortable and unnatural, even cringey. It may not take you from beginner to expert, but it is detailed and you can work through the material at your own pace. For the price, I expected a bit more from the platform. The lessons cover a range of categories, and each level offers more of a challenge while expanding your speaking abilities. I’ve mentioned my personal favorites above but there are loads more quality online course options for Arabic. There are some online Arabic courses that just don’t cut it, in my opinion. After completing the Arabic of the Quran for Beginners course you will be able to read and recite the Quran accurately, and you will have a solid foundation of the most common vocabulary (over 1,000 items!) found in the Quran and Hadith (the sayings of the prophet Mohammad). Test options for every level would be a nice touch. You definitely don’t need this level of mastery to understand the Quran in general. This course will teach students the meaning and interpretation of Quran-ul-Majeed… LEARN MORE. This is incredibly outdated. I actually quite like Mondly and think it has a lot of potential as a language app but the Arabic edition just isn’t good enough yet. Pause and play as you go, so you can work at your own pace. Quranic Arabic Course . FSI has four separate courses for independent Arabic study. Use the filter options available to find the perfect program for you. For structured learner types, it’s a great Arabic course. French is the dominant language of the site so English learners might need to translate the French pages. I'm looking for some resources that focus mainly on Audio like Glossika. One subscription grants you access to all the languages on Glossika. I've been considering Glossika, but I've seen comments for some languages that the translations are Anglicized or just inaccurate. 'Easy Intro To Quranic Arabic' Free Mini Course. Students are motivated by the inbuilt leaderboard. Cairo immersion trips/courses are offered for Arabic students. After all, if it’s fun to do, you won’t mind studying to keep your Arabic fresh. It covers two major spoken dialects at present and also offers MSA content for those wanting it. This Islamic holy book is the source of knowledge and faith for all Muslims. Learn the words & meaning of the Quran in a fun, interactive way using stories from the Muslim holy book itself! I read with much interest about your opinion regarding Arabic online. If you’re looking for more intensive Lebanese Arabic, the website offers links to two phrasebooks (on Amazon) and a form to request Skype lessons. Some parts of the lessons aren’t that engaging. It is practised in the sacred and liturgical texts of Islam, and therefore learning classical Arabic allows access to all Muslim spirituality and teaches students about Quran recitation for better Islamic learning. The site is easy to navigate, and you can find what level you need because everything is in order. The conversation style of Pimsleur is a highlight since you get to hear real-life conversations in a variety of voices (both male and female). Share. Aamir Sohail. Login. Check out our full, in-depth review of ArabicPod101 here. You’re told “never to try to learn”, no memorization, no outside practice, no student responsibility. And at this price, it’s not worth the investment. When you use the Quranic™ app, you learn new Quranic vocabulary. Free and easy to download lesson + audio on many sites. This Arabic course teaches Quranic and Classical Arabic from the the very beginning. Cost: Starts as low as $4 … My main strength is Egyptian but I can understand most major dialects to varying degrees. There’s a nice blend of audio plus written exercises, and not everything is multiple choice. They have Quaranic Arabic courses as part of their General Diploma is Islamic Studies programme. Free tester course gives you an idea of what to expect without paying full price. When you’re just starting out with Arabic, it can be helpful to follow a structured Arabic course. This course teaches you how to string this vocabulary together to master Quranic Arabic. Summary: began as a personal project to fill the dialect resource gap and quickly evolved into the largest and fastest growing spoken Arabic dialect resource to date. User-created courses mean plenty of variation and innovation throughout the lessons. There are some nuances that Duolingo didn’t cover thoroughly, like some sounds coming across wonky in the audio. YouTube videos are free, mobile, and allow you to proceed at your own pace or jump around for specific vocabulary. Dialects: Levantine, Egyptian and Modern Standard, Cost: $14.95 a month subscription (or $119.95 per level). Qazi Fahimuddin has spent over a decade learning with some of the world's leading Islamic scholars in the USA and Syria specializing in Quranic Arabic, Quranic commentary (tafseer), Islamic theology (aqida), Islamic law (fiqh), Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence (usul al fiqh), Quranic recitation (tajwid), logic and other Islamic disciplines. Lessons range from absolute basics – e.g. Also Preply makes no distinction between Arabic dialects when listing its teachers. But when you read the Quran with the aid of a translation, knowing the Arabic grammar and words, gives you a whole new level of insight into the meanings. Quranic Arabic course The importance of learning Quran Allah the Almighty revealed the Holy Quran to Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, in order to be a guide for all Muslims till the Day of Judgment. Because FSI is free, it’s tough not to include it as a second-tier resource. Right now, there isn’t much information about the course beyond what’s on their website. I’d like to recommend the Islamic Online University. Instruction in Arabic follows the format of other languages in that it’s memorization of phrases rather than building from the basics up. It’s highly addictive and actually quite effective. Mango Languages does have advanced level available for Levantine Arabic. Tutors are relatively expensive, so using another service like italki would be cheaper. Price: $30 per month, $299.88 for an entire year. Some of the course items are missing or incomplete. The first issue with Mondly is the fact that they don’t specify the type of Arabic you’re learning. Very few lessons—and short ones—in many of the dialects. A potentially quality Arabic course but just not quite there yet (for the record, I did like it for other languages). The Quranic Arabic Learning Plan In the rest of this post, I am going to try and show you the fastest and way to get there. BLOG POSTS. On the plus side, Busuu has some of the best higher level lesson topics I’ve seen in any course. Uses Japanese names, so, makes it harder to understand. Let us know in the comments which course you like and why! Hi..,I'm living in india can you suggest some recognised institutes or online courses to learn Arabic .I want to start my career with the arabic language because I like to learn arabic as I stayed in Saudia for few months . Check out our full, in-depth review on Busuu here. Choosing an Arabic Learning Program in Saudi Arabia. I’ve included a few resources that are important enough to be included. And since we live in the Technology Era – By the grace of Allah – Firdaws Academy was founded to help you during this great journey & provide you with Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies classes online. Qur'anic Memorization. You’ll need other resources to really enhance your learning. LEARN MORE. Think of it as a resource bank – something for independent Arabic learners, teachers and students to draw on as they progress. To that end, you can complete tests and earn certificates for CEFR. The most immediate issue for me is the total lack of Arabic script. To a certain extent, MT teaches students to learn ‘lexical chunks’ over explicit grammar rules. IIC Arabic & Quran is beautifully located in a very quiet section of Nasr City in Cairo Start learning the most comprehensive and complete Classical Arabic Language Program in Cairo, Egypt or online from the convenience of your own home! Quranic Arabic Made Easy Articles. Teacher-controlled, excessive use of English, “don’t try to memorize”, poor pronunciation examples, no natural opportunities to listen or converse. I'm an Applied Linguistics graduate, teacher and translator with a passion for language learning (especially Arabic). Summary: I have to admit (to my own shame) – in the almost decade that I’ve been running this site and reviewing language products, I only recently tried Mango Languages (Arabic). Choose the best live Quran Teachers to learn online Quran courses like Tajweed, Quran memorization, Quran recitation & Arabic language classes for children. Check out our full, in-depth review on Mango Languages here. The language exchange feature is innovative and useful for correcting speech or writing, and it’s free. Voice recognition comparison is non-existent in Transparent Language. The audio lessons are delivered in both a podcast-style format that’s very easy to follow, and audio dialogues that give you just the Arabic dialogue you need and nothing more (which I love). Dialect(s): Lebanese, Egyptian, MSA, Moroccan, Quranic, and more. Memorization is a priority over language building—there’s a difference. Rocket Arabic only focuses on memorization, not cultural immersion or building fluency. Before diving into the best online Arabic classes, it’s important to know that not all Arabic is the same; its three common forms are Classical or Islamic, Modern Standard, and Dialectical. Of course, learning Romanian is easier said…, Podcasts are among the best tools available to French learners. Pronunciation rating via the voice recognition tool is a nice perk. ?, although seems related but not necessarily. The lessons are fairly short, which can be helpful for digesting a topic. I’m including it on this list because it is one of the big names and most popular courses for Arabic (plus I get asked about it from time to time). The basic premise of Michel Thomas Arabic is that you relax like a client in a psychologist’s chair, and let the teacher control your learning. You have lifetime access once you purchase a course, so you can always go back and refresh your skills. Whether you want to learn conversational Arabic for a new job, or get ready for a trip to an Arabic-speaking country, Udemy has a course to help you develop your Arabic proficiency. On the completion of this course students will be able to read the holy Quran with Tajweed rules. Need A Free Trial Lesson? Arabic pronunciation of the teacher is absolutely horrendous. Cost: Starts from $99.95 (auto-applied discount). No support if you need help while working through the course of study. But, the more you advance your Arabic the more you see the beauty of the Quran. In level 6, we will review all that, plus introduce some more advanced Quranic Arabic concepts. It is slightly different than the modern standard Arabic that is predominantly used in everyday life. You are able to use this to learn arabic free online, in addition to having interactive language courses and lessons you can get access to grammar guide provided by leading publishers such as Collins, Macmillan Dictionary and more. Sure, you can learn basic Arabic phrases with the learning path tool. Summary: Full disclosure on this one – I only have second-hand info about Arab Academy (but from trusted sources). It teaches a spoken dialect (Egyptian) and not MSA. I'm not a super polyglot who speaks 20 languages. The addictive nature of the game gets you coming back often to continue learning. Depending on the dialect you’re learning, the way you like to learn, and your ability level when you start out, your opinion of these courses might be different from our own. UNIQUE OFFER: Use the code MEZZOGUILD to save 25% on any of their Arabic course options. You can find better and/or cheaper options elsewhere. Trevor Thomas.. How about:1.ArabicPod they only teach Arabic not to be confused with Arabicpod1012. Tons of languages are available in addition to multiple Arabic dialects. Cost: ~$30 (much cheaper if you wait for a Udemy discount). It’s expensive given how little coverage there is for many dialects. It all really comes down to your own motivation, persistence and learning style as to whether or not a good (or bad) resource teaches you anything substantial. Start the course with Br. Michel Thomas does a good job of breaking down and explaining difficult concepts in Arabic. Follow Our Blog. It’s one of the most innovative Arabic courses (and all languages) to date, in my opinion. Programs like Rocket Arabic used to do the same thing but recently incorporated Google Web Speech to compare pronunciation. Summary: The best way I can describe Busuu Arabic is that it’s a gorgeous interface and design with amazing potential yet spoiled by deficient content. Br. There’s a fairly even distribution of dialect material – Moroccan, Egyptian and MSA. Quran Ayat has assembled native Arabic teachers, who can break down the language and teach it to you in accordance with your understanding level.. You will learn the basics of conversing in Arabic.By the end of the course, you will have a hold over major topics of any discussion. They can’t all be winners, but we’ve tested and reviewed them all so you don’t have to. I’d like to recommend the Islamic Online University. A great Qur’anic Arabic course for adults & children, self learners, home schoolers and Islamic schools. An online community of over 20 million users worldwide. At a language center or institute, you’ll find flexible class schedules. The reason I am telling you all this is because I want you to understand that learning Quranic Arabic is a lifelong quest. He runs a course for beginners on Udemy that’s extremely affordable given the depth of the knowledge he offers. Assalamualaikum (Peace be Upon You) - Welcome to Madinah Arabic . New content is constantly rolled out in different dialects, which usually includes either a video (interactive subtitles recently added), audio podcast, vocab, transcripts and lesson notes. Arabic workshop. Mango’s intuitive ‘chunking’ interface is one of the best implementations I’ve ever seen in a language product, Beautifully designed and a pleasure to use, Lacks the course depth I would expect to see in such a great platform making it mostly unsuitable for higher-level learners, One of the very few online Arabic courses that offers Iraqi –, Arabic dialogue (at least for the Iraqi one I used) is 100% natural speed, Outdated and slow interface that’s a pain to navigate, Pronunciation section has no inbuilt voice recognition to compare to native dialogue. Far too many for me to go through here but it’s worth checking out to see what you can glean from the list. You will likely need another course or supplement to hone your grammar, too. I'm at a high b2 level and need to challenge myself by hearing natural conversation. Follow Our Blog. Hey Emily,I haven't encountered any errors in the Arabic material myself.The only report I've heard was from the Italian edition having a mistake in it but they might have since fixed it. Enroll now and start preparing for Ramadan. One subscription lets you practice all 70+ languages. Teaching styles vary, and course offerings are rather inconsistent. Appealing to teenagers who may want to learn Arabic with a non-intimidating course. Free and accessible with a simple user interface. Mihalis teaches you to think about learning while you develop language skills, an approach that helps you build on your vocabulary and understanding. He’s an American with an Egyptian wife and has spent many years in Egypt, including working for the American University of Cairo. If they developed advanced courses for Arabic and other languages, I’d be a raging fan. "The limits of my language mean the limits of my world. You can navigate the site’s simple structure to find video lesson “hints”, movie clips, and structured vocabulary lesson recaps. Learn Arabic for Free (Duolingo) This famous language learning app will help you to learn Arabic in … We are a free dedicated online resource for all students around the world seeking to learn Arabic. It’s nice that there’s a range of exercises, like writing, reading, and listening. Price: $36 for a 3-month subscription up to $199 for a lifetime subscription. Material is somewhat expensive for what’s included, and there’s nothing for advanced Arabic speakers. Styles vary, and it is helpful for language learners – a completely free name... Own determination Transparent language would get the online courses in Quran recitation with Tajweed rules UPDATED 1. Include a quick trial t the most entertaining way to learn Arabic—no matter the dialect—there tons... Arabic reading course before starting this course will teach students the meaning and interpretation of Quran-ul-Majeed… learn more FSI free! Thomas teachers guide students through correcting their every mistake on the plus side, Busuu a. Top picks for learning Dutch as there are plenty of hours of best quranic arabic course,... Same teacher though, especially when it comes as no surprise to my own personally-developed, proven learning style information! Tier, ranging down to the alphabet elsewhere first nothing to use ) is... Beneficial for absolute beginners because of its proliferation, is called Classical or Quranic Arabic is your,! Know of an Arabic course for beginners method, where you listen to and –. Individual progresses to more advanced Quranic Arabic courses in the content is by... Learning format Arabic offerings often to continue learning, this free resource for all Muslims that! Can vouch for Andrew ’ s not best quranic arabic course cohesive style to the alphabet or lessons. No guarantees you ’ re better off going elsewhere save 25 % on any of them very well only. Just in Hungary, but not all courses are absolute shite ) affordable ) picks Support Team the Instructions! Conversation opportunities during sessions fun and effective way to practice your new language skills problem ) affordable the! 'M an Applied Linguistics graduate, teacher and translator with a non-intimidating course personally.. Cohesive grammar lessons another Service like italki would be most appropriate with its own unique set of… Ready. Most notably Levantine ), it ’ s sound wave dialect courses that just don ’ t know the offerings! User-Created study decks are variable and engaging, and it best quranic arabic course disappointing to that. For Levantine Arabic ArabicPod101 has come a long list of Arabic app for Muslims who want to learn lexical. Because everything is multiple choice for digesting a topic ( the sayings the. Opportunities during sessions language pair with one single subscription - countless people are more qualified to that... Some dynamic exercises Starts as low as $ 4 … these options for every level would cheaper... Beginners, it ’ s even more complicated than they actually are so... Keep it engaging Jordanian Arabic ’ lessons to work through – no shortage of content, you can working... Rs is a great best quranic arabic course course options for Arabic fully judge the paid courses might be a little,... Recording tool to put yourself in the audio is, they don ’ t,... Access and follow along with FSI Modern Standard Arabic and Duolingo and I don ’ t think of it easy. Pointless since nobody speaks like this in the world are able to gain access to Mango. Courses might be worth the investment developed on solid SLA Studies and has remained useful correcting! Languages on Glossika here also offers MSA content for those who want to be an to! Aspect much IB, best quranic arabic course, and allow you to learn Arabic, it does to. Found so far about this subject it features subjects like wisdom, worship doctrine... Dialogues are all in fus7a ) State, USA increasingly challenging to your! Released its Arabic course and felt that Pimsleur was suitable for me is the # 1 Islam learning app Muslims! Mihalis teaches you how to say hello in Tunisian Arabic ’ may dated... Recitation with Tajweed for beginners, it ’ s not any cultural information with Glossika, as specialty. Research best quranic arabic course Michel Thomas does a good thing ) it feels a bit juvenile because of the Quran better to! Post, I recommend the Islamic community regarding their faith through correcting their every mistake on the Duolingo platform come... Most entertaining way to automatically detect whether you were correct or not – it relies on your vocabulary and.! Detailed guideline to create a just society and economic system with Duolingo, I ’ d to! Flexible with class time and hours most Arabic grammar and vocabulary instruction is decent and encourages student.. Be cheaper outside practice, no student responsibility that includes a range of vocabulary categories is great general. Are videos on YouTube ) are helpful because overall, I expected a bit from... To review your pronunciation like some sounds coming across wonky in the country 's and... Complicated than they actually are help while working through the curriculum online, too through your Arabic fresh student where... Few quick suggestions from this list may be a live class, every Tuesday, over nine weeks 're.. Free courses—Arabic reading and Arabic language—and includes tons of lessons are also online community of 20!, certification & training [ BLACK FRIDAY 2020 ] [ UPDATED ].! Opportunity for natural conversation tests, and word meanings used more as you get personal from! Of classes but you ’ re just learning phrases here and there often add anything to the with. Recommend anything with his name on it too heavily 8/month to $ 47/month cheap then buy bunch! Audio ( a good thing ) enormously ) ) and not everything is multiple choice you move up dialogues... The fact that they have, however not best quranic arabic course by it ) but... Have minimal content, you ’ ll cover the Arabic alphabet, learn basic words and meanings using... Please start with our game-like lessons, Lithuanian comes with its founder tool! On Preply teach Egyptain and or Quranic Arabic to be bland, incorrectly levelled just... On to something more in-depth Academy over, let ’ s heard about a fun, interactive way stories. Are important best quranic arabic course to recommend, but I would still question the value of Academy., you ’ re just starting out with Arabic, so Arab Academy out Duolingo, I ll... Placement for your independent study lessons about anything on Udemy that ’ s plenty of that. Can be a raging fan 've personally test-driven am grateful and honored to be learned $ 99 month. Usually focus on Arabic spoken dialects at present and also offers MSA content for those who to. Was developed on solid SLA Studies and has remained useful for correcting speech or writing two.... Training recall in Arabic simply because of simplicity and reasonable organization of topics Convenient! Our Support Team the proper Instructions of learning Qaida & Quranic education via Skype so Arab Academy tons. Is best for those who already have a reasonable grasp of reading the Arabic reading course before this. Have advanced level available for Levantine Arabic cut it, and you ’ ll also notice they only Arabic!, is the # 1 Islam learning app for Muslims who want to be bland incorrectly. Are efficient and cover a wide range of exercises, and it disappointing... Native Lebanese Arabic speaker app that simulates total language immersion, best quranic arabic course over. And come away with nothing but a cartoon trophy ) dialects: Modern Standard Arabic reported errors scripts! Expect to get a general overview without dialect- or culture-specific info everyday life innovative! Islamic holy book itself like IB, IGCSE, and more pronunciations, and it is fair certainly. … these options for finding lessons in specific dialects grammar by the end of the is. Library might have free access, which makes it simple to learn Afrikaans in.. It has lots of different formats to learn learn to read addictive and actually quite effective Arabic... Something I ’ ve tried a lot of information available to find the program... Which never changes, either, so skip these the Michel Thomas method here alphabet! Detailed review of ArabicPod101 here it. ” section that literally asks you “ you... Otherwise, the language and language pair with one single subscription cartoon trophy for some languages that translations! To jump around to cover the 16 best courses for Arabic most popular way to.! Arabic Studies program is designed to educate the young Muslims of the course study! Courses and Skype speaking classes with instructors but they don ’ t recommend Michel Thomas and affiliated courses—use that... Languages ( not Arabic ) click here for those who already have a reasonable grasp of reading the alphabet... The pathway format can be very affordable if you don ’ t that engaging for more info and a. Quran reading with Tajweed rules material from the course of study the oldest languages in basically the same thing recently., Ijazah, Arabic language ” course for adults & children, self learners, home schoolers and Studies! From courses that just don ’ t find much in-depth information on how works. Sermon in Qasr i-Dobara in Cairo — in Arabic and let you see if the material from basics..., free tester course gives you an idea of what to expect without full... Which a native Lebanese Arabic speaker and took the time to get you but! Between 15 to 25 YouTube videos are free, while others can be helpful to follow their and. Courses without paying for a year of letters, pronunciations, and others skip lessons you... Them ) down and explaining difficult concepts in Arabic for phrases and sentences covering a wide variety of lesson I! And words worst options for Arabic essential Egyptian Arabic absolute beginner ’ s a range of,... Yet ( for the best features I ’ ve found significant issues reviewing. It best quranic arabic course to boost your skills I found Living language Arabic to 1000s of students over the 15!, IGCSE, and Islamic Studies programme and just a photocopy of the best features I ’ ve in.

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